Thursday, September 30, 2010

Buy LED-light-Bulb-6 – to review the results of your Purchase before the Major areas

Do you want to replace the entire lamp LED light?  It seems to be a good idea to promote environmentally friendly product, please read this article before you jump, with regard to energy labelling of household LED products.  LED E27 light was designed to easily replace the thread can only our bulb, but don't you aware of gaps in the LED-light information prior to the purchase?  Anna, see:

weight of 1)

THE LED light is much heavier than normal bulb; weight actually contribute to heat the mixture sink. User need to consider, to examine the original weight of the original lamp test apparatus must be able to refuse to grant such a heavy weight for a long time. 

2) Heat degradation

  Heat degradation remains the main challenge.  LED-diode emitted by the heat is dissolved, through the alloy swimming pool, if led install that poor air ventilation, it definitely going to have an impact on the life duration of this household light bulb in the area.

3) Bulb life duration and LED diode life span

The duration of the Theoretical LED life is really a very large, many claim that the Court of first instance to achieve up to 100 000 hours, this is the same as the bulb life duration?Bulb life period actually more related to the lamp, PCB-driver-board.For most PCB driver is much shorter life span only compare LED diode.

4) Light decay

Getting poor quality LED diode, poor performance of decay more easily LED, you are going to experience more than 10% of the light decay 1 year after the exercise.

5) one of the light beam

Led light-emitting diode within certain angle and led most of the design of the light with an angle of 120 Middle. Glowing bulb allows you to compare, in view of the light kehänsuuntaisella. before you buy a LED light with regard to energy labelling of household lamps, make sure that you understand how the room is intended to provide insight into patterns of. Sometimes too strong remote lighting can cause too light flare!

6) frequency of the wave length

A wide range of the light spectrum consists of our Normal lighting led light; it only light of light, depending on the length of the specific wave. from that point of view flicks ever, but we have no information about the publication or research led to the processing of long hours affects the eyes; keep an eye on turn this has the advantage.

Regardless of how households LED Light Bulb or LED light is certainly the future of our lighting.

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