Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are LED Lamps Better than the CFL bulbs Eco-Friendly Lighting?

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LED lamps are used at the end of the Decade in many applications, including digital clocks that make up the numbers, a large Outdoor pictures on TV screens are used in watches, mobile, and even it is used in traffic lights. Led lamps and produces a slight smell of semiconductor diode are based on a red light and modern version is available in a visible ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths of very high-intensity, and brightness.
Compact size for led has allowed the new text, video monitors and sensors will be developed.

These infrared LED lamps are also used on the remote control units and other commercial products such as televisions, DVD players and other domestic appliances. And it is also established that the LED bulbs to serve a number of advantages as compared with incandescent light, which contains the lower consumption of energy, longer life and less, durable and reliable.

It is also established that the LED lamps provide LED bulbs depends on the movement of electrons, more efficient technology than incandescent lamps and CFL 's. contrary to the glow, they have no filament, which burn and more than this, it does not contain mercury or other toxic substances and also led can last up to 60 times longer than incandescent and 10 times longer than the CFL: n. LED bulbs up to use a higher percentage of electricity to create light.

LED light bulbs, as well as other functions include, but are not limited to:
Efficiency: LED produces more light than the incandescent bulbs per watt-meter, and the effectiveness of those measures shall not affect the shape and size, unlike other CFL bulbs.

Color: Lights usually produces colour of light filters that require using the traditional lighting methods And this in turn makes. a more effective and reduce the amount of the initial expenditure.

Size: Lights are usually designed to be very small and they are even less than 2 mm and circuit boards for embedded.

On/off time: LED bulbs works and works very quickly. Typical red indicator LED to reach full brightness microsecond. for the purpose of the communication and, therefore, will be used.

Cycling: led is also ideal to applications that are frequently-off cycling compact fluorescent lamps out quickly when they are often recycled burn and requires a long period of time before restarting.
And over, consumers easily buy LED bulbs locally or over the network.

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