Friday, October 1, 2010

Do LED Lamps Save Energy?

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Led is usually light semiconductor device that produce onwards to produce light or light pointed in the direction. It is the most widely used electronic device indicator light, traffic crossroad, signal lights, musical instruments and cars and even houses in the form of dashboards, and so on. LED light bulbs will be carried out with the organisation of the light-emitting devices in the form of a light bulb. And one almost up to 80% through the use of LED lamps.

LED bulbs are entirely dependent on the lifetime of its manufacturing process and it can go to a maximum of 1000000 hours, other compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs. Led is the wavelength of the light in nature is produced by a very small line and produces highly coloured light.LED bulbs up to improve energy efficiency and create multiple colors. light emitting diode light or light is usually semiconductor light source.
LED-lamps are a number of advantages as compared with incandescent light sources also lower energy consumption and also includes, prolonged service life, increase reliability, smaller, faster, and greater durability and reliability. And that they are relatively cheaper and requires more than traditional light sources of heat management is even detected.

Most of the light bulbs 2-4 volts a variety of actions and consumed 350 mw and 1500 mw. However, the traditional incandescent light bulbs in the waste for a period of not more than 80% of its energy, heat, to produce the format, would have led to a double-ended light bulbs ", on the other hand, saves energy because the heat emission is limited.One of the factors that LED the power consumption is that the light is not can be dimmed, as they produce greater intensity light.

More than the benefits of normal light bulbs LED bulbs: for example, the power consumption of the led is only 10% over the standard light bulb.Then it will cover a large number of vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations. these bulbs also constitutes 10-60 times more energy saving as compared with that of the other lamps. Then some other advantage is that the LED's bulbs emit a light that blinks, taking into account the incandescent bulbs to produce light flashing. And it also produces a rich and vibrant kaavussaan. Accordingly, it effectively reduces the power consumption of almost 30%.

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