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Halogen Lighting-new developments

What is driving innovation?

Halogen lamps have now been around for several years First invented in the 1950s. as a result of the increased popularity and widespread use of multiple applications has increased the cost of production and, therefore, prices fall significantly in recent years.

Tungsten Halogen lamps vendors is growing, and to step up the number of competition from the market sector, manufacturers are looking for now to get a competitive advantage through technology innovation of the lamp.

The lamp Life

This was the first area where engineers to improve the characteristics of the dispersal of the Halogen lighting. it is used as the luminaries, which may be difficult to use a number of retail environments. therefore, the manufacturers wanted to provide lighting, which is a more efficient, but requires less maintenance for the user. Most of the Halogen lamp Mr16 (these are typically used to domestic situations) only a few years ago it took an average of 2 500 hours.Currently on the market for Halogen lamps, which can boast 10 000 hours of life.

Energy Savers

Maximum lighting expense is cost.General Electric, the first halogen lamp inventors in order to provide customers with tangible cost benefits on 2005 they GE Precise (TM) IR Energy Saving lamp MR16 halogen. 37 watt-meter standard 50 watt-meter MR16 replacement of Precise (TM) IR will reduce energy consumption by 26% and is classified as a 4 000 hours of life and is ideal for heat-sensitive applications.

UV filter Technology

UV filter technology prevents unwanted UV components are produced by halogen lamps light emitted in the. It is particularly effective for the most harmful high energy UV-B and UV-C radiation control, but also reduces the effects of low energy UV-(a). it shall be composed of "dopingista" quartz envelope, which is enriched UV no absorption material.


Halogen lamps are one of the IRC halogen technology of the latest developments in Coating Using infrared lamp. outside, technicians improve the dispersion of the reason for this is the principle of effectiveness. "recovery" of thermal heat, consume, back to the page appears instead of the filament. Filament thus less power by using the operating temperature.

The Ball Technology

This is a new halogen lamps for domestic use shall apply to the manufacturing processes, in which the correction is done by using the glass envelope knobs and as such they are not. "free floating ' and be able to withstand vibrations are more reliable.

Halogen low voltage environment is thus higher power and act in such a way as to avoid the high temperatures of the filaments are thus much. thicker and require "pinch technology".

Continuous research and leading manufacturers, including Osram Sylvania, GE, Philips and lead to better quality, longer lasting, more efficient and safer lamps. This is fantastic News for consumers, designers and architects lighting.

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