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Which item, when you bought the LED for the product group "light bulbs

If you do not have much idea of lighting recently this is likely, most folk with filament winding up the top is not exactly the way you want it to. That is not really all that surprising; the ability to change the lights is hardly affects such as big deal. We can make all the time and priorities to go to the entire business of the lighting is comfortably off the radar.

Yet glow lamp broke up still quietly yet motorcyclists and not more than a couple of years now, only the products are stored in the shelves is a low energy light bulbs, of which there are two types: ignition (CFL-I) and LEDs (Light-beam "motor vehicle headlamps emitting diodes).

The ignition, which is about 4 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs (that is, they just waste of around 25% of their energy than 90% of the heat) at present, most of the low energy light bulbs available., however, switch on widely anonyymipalvelimien consumers, manufacturers and environmental organisations. They are very bad an aesthetic quality (not really want to, that you want to), they are difficult to safely thanks to the mercury content, and they are complex and costly to manufacture.

On the other hand, well, in the case of signalling lamps Score all these facts and quite a bit more, in addition, the most obvious of which is in the case of signalling lamps are not just 10 times more efficient than incandescents, but currently they double the performance every 18 months or so. This (i.e. Haitz's Law), the effects are an astounding; 3 years should we expect to see the LED lamps are 40 times more effectively.No wonder that the lighting industry is en-masse was selected to focus on the development of CFL and led indicators.

So you can be a LED lamps right now? Baulk at prices depend to a large extent on the maximum price (in comparison with both glowing and CFL lamps, LEDs continue several times more expensive to purchase) or whether to do mathematical and noted that the electricity savings of more than payback of the investment for the first one to two years And modern LEDs. last more than 50 000 hours (as opposed to 2,000 regular light bulbs) return on investment only be.

Some folk now argue that it is advisable to wait until the LEDs are cheaper and even more powerful, but again, if you run you will find that it is better to replace the mathematics with functional lamps lights now and then you are going to replace them in the space of a few years, even though they are life left years. how so? Because electric lighting expenses shall be borne by the relatively large amount of costs, electricity-not all operating costs, hardware costs.

So, if you are thinking then here are a few important lighting which search LED to go to.Understand that Cheap, low power LEDs do not actually replace most of the existing lighting field a small cost is false economy.More expensive brand name products certainly is up to the job, Find a fantastic and forward rather significant cost savings.

Second, we all have grown used to the classification of light levels, i.e. 100w Watts, comfortable, very bright 25w get less than 40-60w somewhat dim.This classification does not apply to lights.Currently fair assessment is that led produces as much light as conventional bulb top 10 times its power, so 5w LED should be sufficient to easily replace the typical 50 w halogen lamp, for example, on the spot.

More direct method of assessing the luminance of the color brightness (standard 40w bulbs as a result, Some 360 lumens) output of measured by its luminosity itself is not sufficient to determine how bright light sources actually visible. remote angle and light "color" are the key.

This brings us to the third set of Lights are examined. very very narrow-beam with the direction, and they are also, until recently the cool side of things is unsatisfactory, a bluish light; this is rather austere effect very bright light but a lot of dark spots with small areas. Modern high-quality LED spotlights is wider beam angles (120 degrees c runtime denial of service for example) that produce consistent color and light, the light of the swimming pool is much warmer. is light is measured using the Kelvin temperature scale Where 2000k is referred to as "Warm white" and "cool white" is defined as 4000k values.

You can then determine whether a recap, THE LED lamps are suitable for you have in mind by checking the package for an application (or if the purchase list or online product description) for the following items:

The price and guarantee (LEDs really get you pay for), as well as a branded brightness (or brightness, i.e. "correspond to the estimated 50 w") Light color ("cool" or "warm" has been established or because the average temperature-see above), the temperature of the Beam angle estimated longevity (LEDs should take at least 50 000 hours)

For more information about the latest applications such as LED kitchen lighting Home led site.

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