Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Standard 12000K 9004 HB1 Xenon HID Xenon Replacement Light Bulbs 6 Mo Warr

Standard 12000K 9004 HB1 Xenon HID Xenon Replacement Light Bulbs 6 Mo Warr

Standard 12000K 9004 HB1 HID Xenon Replacement Light Bulbs

The Standard 12000K HID Replacement Light Bulbs produce a blue color light. The color of these bulbs is primarily for those concerned with color over light output.With a luminosity of approximately 2400, it is twice as bright as halogen bulbs. If you're looking for bulbs that will produce a crystal white light we recommend 6000K instead.

This product comes with the following:

2 12000K 9004/HB1 Single Beam HID Bulbs (Note:No high beam - See our Bi-xenon HID Kits)

Everything is IN STOCK and ships the SAME DAY! - Overnight Delivery available at Checkout.

14-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 6-Month Parts and Labor Warranty.
Full 6 Month Warranty which covers all the parts that come with this item. Includes bulbs, wiring and relays if applicable. We do in house warranties, exchanges and returns. We troubleshoot the problem and work with you to replace any defective parts.

If you are still not sure whether this product will work with your particular setup - contact us for support and we will be happy to help! Our no hassle return policy means you never pay for a product that you cannot use. No restocking fees!

Price: $99.95

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    Thank you

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