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LED Light Bulbs Vs CFLs


Replace incandescent lighting of environmentally friendly options are usually Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Switch on conventional fluorescent lamps work the same way if the electricity is used to activate the mercury saturaatioon, which is located in the glass tube. The current affects the mercury atoms make of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is not apparent to the eye. If protected from Ultraviolet photons hit Phosphor layer to send photons of light output is created with the tube light bulb within the housing. UV light can cause Fading of paintings or textiles.Mercury Lamp requires light bulbs can be properly disposed of in a landfill as compact fluorescent bulbs burst, will be released in the country dumped mercury causes will eventually drain, contaminating the food chain. some States such as California, prohibits disposal of mercury-containing bulbs to the Recycle Bin. Some State laws require the fluorescent bulbs are collected on the export of hazardous wastes and properly recycled. Check to help proper disposal practices of a State of the EPA site, or you can search for the recycling center near you, visit the following Web address: Earth911.

Fluorescent tubes, which do not contain circuits, unlike the compact mains-operated ballasts for fluorescent lighting usually integrate all necessary circuits is light, which makes it possible to identify as a single unit is used for standard incandescent light bulb socket to the bottom. Switch on a variety of styles and formats, but one can see them often tube or spiral-option.A larger surface area to switch on a higher light output.


Solid-state lighting, known as click most commonly LED (LED) lighting is solid semiconductor light source that does not use the gas tube such as light, CFL. indicator light is when the electricity is used to create the impurities, i.e. half the semiconductor-p-side and the other half, which is the "n-side" (doped). Charge-carriers (electrons and holes) to run through into the p-n junction where the two meet halves and free up energy Photon, create a form so the color of the light output in the light of. depends on the p-n-junction-forming materials.There is no filament to disk, in contrast to switch on, the indicator light lights do not contain toxic mercury, and do not emit ultraviolet light.

To clear the output LED light bulbs, as well as many of the older models had an individual authorization modules clustering many lights on housing, but many newer LED bulbs drive one becomes one of the high powered LED element. These LED lamps are significantly lower than their CFL matches, and provision of form factors that produce directional remote control through the use of glass or glass-encased lens or Frosted Diffuser to provide wider rear light coverage.

Benefits summary

  Less expensive Electricity Bil l:

Those costs are initially more expensive, but the CFL and LED save money in the long term.Less power is used and bulbs are replacement LEDs use. approximately half of the amount of electricity that the ignition that print the same brightness.

Long service life:

Run-time CFL to tune usually vary according to 6000 hours 15 000 hours of filament lamp of the typical lifetime of around 1 000 hours. LED lamp to 50000-60000 last hour, which is equivalent to about 5 or 6 years (10 times more than CFL).

High quality light output:

CFL and LED bulbs can now provide a range of color temperatures.Consumers are no longer limited to blueish, "cool white", the previous to tune, and now I would like to purchase from the warm coloured lamps.Lower quality of CFL bulbs, which use a magnetic ballast flicker.Search for electronic ballast, CFL Lights are driven buying. in such a way that they do not flicker.


Indoors, outdoors, home, or commercial LED and CFL bulbs can be used in a wide range of applications Where conventional bulbs once was used and switch on THE LED bulbs. can track lighting, table lamps, task lighting, embedded in the furniture and ceiling fixtures, in respect of each separate dimmable bulbs are available in the standard models for use with dimmer switch.


Because the LED lamps do not use the filament such as glow, they are shock resistant and high vibration applications can be used.

Summary of the handicaps and constraints of the

Switch on:

Is an on-the-spot lights-because you do not switch on the active project such as THE LED light beam, are to be used in accordance with the best range of lighting.

Temperature sensitivit y-ignition are sensitive to heat, life will be reduced if the test apparatus dissipate heat properly. Ignition also affect cold. Ignition will take much longer to reach full brightness in the cold weather. in extreme cases, they may not properly heating.

Engine warm-up cycles time led lights, on the other hand, as soon as the ignition take a few minutes heating and full of glory.

Hazardous waste-switch on mercury containing and due. EPA site proper disposal alternatives. in the case of signalling lamps do not contain mercury.

Often Cycling calculates a lifetime-high traffic areas such as bathrooms, when the ignition is turned on and off frequently when their service life is reduced rapidly.

Ultraviolet Light-CFL bulbs can send UV, which may be desirable that certain applications.


High cost-LED bulbs, in fact, are expensive, but the initial investment quickly and subsequently less electricity bills of materials.

Heat generation-certain high power (5w and even) LED lamps can produce significant heat sinks are often Heat itself, the bulbs are ready, and may require special LED to ensure the proper flow of fixtures.

LED lamps is becoming energy efficient lighting in their varied bulb options and ease of light output, which may be at different levels and manage CFL bulbs in relation to the selection.

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